• 📷micro.blog March photo challenge

    The Stripey One is savoring one of the few houseplants safe for cats: catnip.

    cat on a screened-in porch sniffing a potted plant

  • 📷micro.blog March photo challenge

    Purple Martin bird house engineering: gourd shaped. Entrance hole too small for starlings. Screw cap on side allows humans to clean. Heat vent on back. Side view here.

    entrance hole view of purple martin house

  • Fat Bear Week! I love this contest so much. Wilderness education + magnificent bears.

  • Just discovered this site. No piece of string is safe from me now. Animated Knots

  • My rural commute today was enlivened by a man in overalls standing in the middle of the road. He put up his hand, and I pulled to a stop. He said, “Go ahead, but drive slow. Some of our cows got loose.”

  • Okay, Brood X cicadas… That’s my garlic you’re resting on! The sheer numbers get biblical, but these young adults won’t actually eat our plants.

  • Yay! Getting up to pet the cats or make some tea counts as exercise.

  • Wanted to cook something with fennel bulb, but the supermarket was out… which is unusual. A friend who stocks produce said that’s because it is early January: fresh veggies will be flying off the shelves for the next few weeks, as people resolve to eat healthier.

  • Today at Zoom coffee hour, a local historian mentioned that people often hid things in grandfather clocks and mantel clocks. One time, she found a bone fragment: a souvenir from someone’s leg surgery.

  • That about sums it up.

  • Started fiddling with interstitial journaling a few weeks ago. It’s surprisingly helpful. It’s like a combination emotion/distraction management tool, and a “now, where was I?” log. I’m using the Amplenote Daily Jots feature for mine. Ness Labs open-access description with Roam tips here, or scale the Wall of Medium to see Tony Stubblebine’s original article here.

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