• Okay, y’all; we really mean it.

    Commercial restaurant sign that says, 'Please wait to be seated,' with printed sign tape underneath that says, 'Please read this sign'

    (Taphouse in Virginia, for Father’s Day burgers.)

  • Purple Martin sanctuary, Virginia. Purple martins are swallows that are found only in the Americas. They depend on human-made houses to survive. Native Americans hung up gourds for them before Europeans arrived.

    three purple martins perching and flying around human-made purple martin house gourds

    purple martins flying past gourds

    dozens of purple martin gourds hung on racks from poles at a purple martin sanctuary

  • 📷micro.blog March photo challenge

    The Stripey One is savoring one of the few houseplants safe for cats: catnip.

    cat on a screened-in porch sniffing a potted plant

  • 📷micro.blog March photo challenge

    Purple Martin bird house engineering: gourd shaped. Entrance hole too small for starlings. Screw cap on side allows humans to clean. Heat vent on back. Side view here.

    entrance hole view of purple martin house

  • Fat Bear Week! I love this contest so much. Wilderness education + magnificent bears.

  • Just discovered this site. No piece of string is safe from me now. Animated Knots

  • My rural commute today was enlivened by a man in overalls standing in the middle of the road. He put up his hand, and I pulled to a stop. He said, “Go ahead, but drive slow. Some of our cows got loose.”

  • Okay, Brood X cicadas… That’s my garlic you’re resting on! The sheer numbers get biblical, but these young adults won’t actually eat our plants.

  • Yay! Getting up to pet the cats or make some tea counts as exercise.

  • Wanted to cook something with fennel bulb, but the supermarket was out… which is unusual. A friend who stocks produce said that’s because it is early January: fresh veggies will be flying off the shelves for the next few weeks, as people resolve to eat healthier.

  • Today at Zoom coffee hour, a local historian mentioned that people often hid things in grandfather clocks and mantel clocks. One time, she found a bone fragment: a souvenir from someone’s leg surgery.

  • That about sums it up.

  • Started fiddling with interstitial journaling a few weeks ago. It’s surprisingly helpful. It’s like a combination emotion/distraction management tool, and a “now, where was I?” log. I’m using the Amplenote Daily Jots feature for mine. Ness Labs open-access description with Roam tips here, or scale the Wall of Medium to see Tony Stubblebine’s original article here.

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