• 📷micro.blog March photo challenge

    This insect is made of Legos.

    6 foot tall sculpture of monarch butterfly on a flower

  • Birds of a feather, flocking together, with the neighbor’s wandering turkey hen. 2017.

    two bantam roosters and a turkey hen

  • Beans, teaching Buddha how to meditate. 🐈 Happy Caturday.

    striped cat with closed eyes curled around a garden statue of Buddha, which also has closed eyes

  • My husband’s response to a broken china cup: “We already have a compost heap. Why don’t we start a midden pile?”

  • Brood X periodic cicada hanging out on my back patio after 17 years underground. I think they are both cool, and creepy. And they fly quite slowly: no wonder the birds love them!

  • Today I came upon the well-ordered hamlet of Spoonville.

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