• Occupants continuing to occupy the box I didn’t get around to recycling quickly enough, last November. Happy Caturday. 🐈

    one cat lying on top of another cat, in an old box

  • Grateful that the office cats chose to work with me today. Happy Caturday. 🐈

    two cats resting in a cat tree

  • The Stripey One took his chance to jump into the Forbidden Cupboard.

    tabby cat sitting on top of linens in a cupboard

  • 📷micro.blog March photo challenge

    The Stripey One is savoring one of the few houseplants safe for cats: catnip.

    cat on a screened-in porch sniffing a potted plant

  • 📷micro.blog March photo challenge

    patience while waiting for dinnertime

    two watchful cats in an office

  • 📷micro.blog March photo challenge

    Something shiny on the catio. This screened-in porch allows prime backyard bird watching for both felines and people. (Household cats, indoors only. Household people occasionally go outside.)

    foil decorative cut-out of a cat on a screened porch

  • 📷micro.blog March photo challenge

    _A poem for Caturday_🐈

    Solar-powered waving paw. Gimcrack, or gewgaw?

    plastic good luck maneki neko figurine on a windowsill

  • 📷micro.blog March photo challenge

    Whoa, we can fit a whole office cat in this carpeted circle thingy.

    black and white cat curled up in cat bed

  • Occupants continuing to occupy this box we had intended to recycle in 2022. Happy Caturday. 🐈

    black and white cat lying down in cardbox box

  • Two months ago, we planned to recycle this box; but occupants continue to occupy it. Happy Caturday. 🐈

    striped cat dozing in a box on a floor next to a bookshelf

  • Birdwatching. Happy Caturday. 🐈

    alert cat sitting on a windowsill, looking upward

  • Our cat Posey started joining us for morning yoga. She sprawls on the middle of my mat, and then rolls around, while meowing a LOT. It’s not very meditative with her there, nor is it easy to move around her; but I never tire of her antics.

    Happy Microblogvember.

  • Beans, teaching Buddha how to meditate. 🐈 Happy Caturday.

    striped cat with closed eyes curled around a garden statue of Buddha, which also has closed eyes

  • Look! No one is biting anyone’s ears. No one is swatting anyone’s face. No one is hissing or using bad language. We are being VERY GOOD sitting nicely together. It only took two years. 🐈

    two cats sitting side by side

  • ”…and in western East Virginia today, a shocking take-down of Santa Claus. A feline washing her face near the scene darted under the coffee table when approached.”

    a Christmas tree ornament of Santa Claus is lying face-down on the floor, underneath a Christmas tree branch

  • On cold, rainy days, they cycle back and forth between radiators. Microblog October 29 photo challenge, “cycle”

    a striped cat lying on top of a radiator cover

    a black and white cat lying on top of a radiator cover

  • Our little princess is always dreaming of chaos. October photoblogging challenge

    a black and white cat lies fully stretched out on a blanket with her belly showing

  • "You like cats," she said.

    A statement, not a question: we were both wearing face masks with cat pictures, in the check-out line. I nodded.

    “I got eleven of them, twelve if you count the one buried in the yard.” Seeing my interest, she added, “And I got two possums, three raccoons, and a couple of rats.”

    She told me that one of the raccoons comes up to the sliding door because she feeds it hot dogs.

    I said, “If I were a raccoon, I would show up for hot dogs.”

    We nodded together about hot dogs. And then I had to pay, and go.

  • energy February photoblogging

    The Tablecloth Monster returns. And yes: she pulls it all down. Oh, yes.

  • The Office Cats are in. They love these cat ball beds. Especially because I put them next to the radiator.

  • Morning Beverage February Photoblogging

    Coffee + journaling, first thing every morning. …Okay, after I feed the cats.

  • Sometimes our cat Beans purrs so intensely he gets the hiccups.

  • New Year’s Day began with a moment of peace, before the black and white one realized she was being snuggled, and left in a huff.

  • Year in Review, March 2020: the Catio

    For the first time, I’m doing a yearly review using this template from Ness Labs. However, I’d like to do a photographic year in review, right here. Let’s start with Posey, who is on our screened-in porch, now known as the “catio.” This is early spring, 2020, ten days before our state issued a stay-at-home order for the pandemic.

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